(Serious) People who know murderers- Were there any signs that something was off? If so, what were they?

I worked with a guy who ended up murdering someone. I was in complete shock when I found out. We were active duty together, went through all of our training together, he used to help me out all of the time. He seemed genuinely friendly, was a solid worker, never got into any trouble. I would have never thought he was cable of hurting someone.

After a while he ended up at another base where he met a woman who was married. She basically used him to do her dirty work. I couldn’t believe that this man, could do the things he did to her husband. I’m still in disbelieve. She definitely manipulated him, but he still went through with it. It was premeditated too.

The funny thing is, my husband was friends with the victim that my friend murdered. He knew him and his wife. He was stationed with the victim during that time. I met my husband after the murder, when he got relocated to my base. He had to go back to testify at the wife’s trial. We weren’t married at the time but when he told me who killed his friend I didn’t believe him. I grabbed old photos and sure enough, it was my friend.

He’s currently serving life in Leavenworth. The wife of the victim is doing hard labor in a Japanese prison.

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