[Serious] People who performed sexual favors in school or in the workplace to get ahead, what was it for? What are things like now?

This ones kinda quirky so I'll tell the whole story.

Some kids mowed lawns, I raked seaweed (we lived on the shores of a lake).. Basically I cleared weed from the shore of peoples property. I started when I was 14 but kept doing it for some people until I moved out of home at 20. The work was not exactly regular. Some people got it done once a month, others only after a storm, and some were occasional (like before an event or something).

When I was 16 an old guy, who was a monthly regular, all of a sudden had a girl living with him. A few months later she came out while I was working and we got talking. She was his grand daughter (19) and she moved there to be near her university. We got along pretty well and she would usually come out and talk while I was working but we didn't socialise beyond that.

That Christmas I was raking along several houses (everyone wants it to look pretty for Christmas) and she was outside talking to me for a few hours as I worked along the shore (it takes 30-45min per house).. She seemed friendlier. Anyway, at some point I sliced the side of my foot open (my feet were pruned so they cut easily) and she was laughing because I couldn't quite contort my leg to the correct angle to see that part of my foot. Eventually she told me to sit down so she could look at it. I sat on the sand, she sat at my feet, gave my foot a quick look, said "its fine", then climbed up on me.

I don't know how my silt and sand covered, bleeding, prune feet weren't a turn off but she went at me like I was the last man on earth. (before its asked; I was 17, legal age here is 16, an no I was not a virgin). After a few varied activities (and a decent amount of blood in the sand) we were finished then it returned to normal, I kept working, she kept chatting. However.. I was now being asked to rake the weed fortnightly and was getting paid more each time. Like clockwork when I worked she was there. We'd have fun, I'd rake weed, and we'd part ways.. We still never did anything together except for when I was working. (I never saw the inside of the house)

TL;DR As a high school senior I performed sexual favours for a University girl to gain favour with an old man.

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