[Serious] People who stopped talking to a very close friend, what was the reason?

I feel that I have to preface this: I've been in fairly chronic depression since the beginning of college, and I'm almost 30 now. Since then I've had a fairly hard letting anyone in. So my friends have been few and far between, I've pretty much spend the last 10+ years with no more than one other person in my life, and the majority of those years has been alone.

1) Had a really good friend in college, we hung out all the time for hours and hours on end. I honestly don't know what happened. We never really talked about but I'm fairly certain he didn't finish at the same college. We kept in touch almost daily when he moved away, but at he moved into a phase where he wanted to turn over a new leaf and it pretty much looked like it entailed purging all former contacts. I'd try to get in touch with him over and over but I'd never get a response.

2) Entirely my fault. I was in medical school in Europe and I just couldn't deal with the culture shock and medical school at the same time. I started getting panic attacks and I've had severe depression for years, and just that combination plus failing a final exam (there were re-tests after the summer but they were financially out of reach) I was at a point where I was seriously contemplating suicide. I reached out to a person who I considered to be my best friend and she was really sympathetic. At some point after hours of emotional torment it really felt like I was going to go through with it, I said my goodbye and signed off. I don't know if I passed out from drinking or had another panic attack but I woke up the next day. She really didn't seem too pleased that I was still alive, I had put her through so much that day that she wanted nothing more to do with me.

3) I broke this one off. But this guy knows about my past and knows that I'm just at one of the lowest points in my life and that my past bring about a lot of emotional pain because I've never really gotten over it. I really enjoy talking to the guy, discussing news, gaming, etc. But he just enjoys pushing my buttons, to the point where I start getting furious, his basic reaction to it is "you mad bro? troll face" A week ago I just lost it and just deleted our contact methods.

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