[Serious] People who stopped talking to a very close friend, what was the reason?

This probably won't get seen. Read the tl;dr if you want a quickie.

This happened a few months ago.

This girl and I had been friends for a few years, going through high school together and keeping the same social circle after graduation. Over the years we got really close. She had a history of abuse and suicidal tendencies, and a rather fucked up familiar situation, feeling empathy for her, I sort of forged her acceptance into our social circle, bringing her into our events, parties, etc.

One night I got really drunk and I tried to hook up with her. She had been sending signs my way for weeks. She was really below my league, but with beer goggles no one gives a shit. I went in for a kiss, she reciprocated and then I then passed out on top of her. I woke up about an hour later, on the floor, trying to text her that I was sorry and that it shouldn't have happened, (why ruin a friendship over drunken tomfoolery?) but with typos and the alcohol I ended up sending her several messages trying to say that I fucked up. Stupid autocorrect.

She didn't respond.

The next day she posts a screenshot of my texts on social media with my name CLEARLY AS THE SENDER, using my texts as social leverage. I was a little annoyed and normally, I'd be like "okay, this really isn't a big deal, she's a nice girl, this must be a misunderstanding and I'll just ask her to delete it."

Until I read the caption, where she writes a paragraph about how I should be lucky she and her friends weren't pressing charges, and accusing me of sexual assault, among other things.

I spoke with her friends who were in league with me rather than her, and basically said, "Fuck it," and haven't spoken to her in months since.

Rather than deal with crazy, I just cut her off and had a few others do so as well.

Honestly, am I the asshole in this picture?

tl;dr drank too much, passed out, woke up next morning with sexual assault and other accusations.

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