(Serious) People who have survived a murder attempt (by dumb luck) whats your story?

My husband and I are both recovered addicts. We met in AA and around the same time I met my husband I met another guy who was a recovering meth addict. I was friends with the guy because we had some things in common but I quickly realized he was interested in me romantically when I wasn't.

He got progressively scarier telling people we were on dates during large AA gatherings and at one point trying to trap me in his house after I gave him a ride home. I stopped talking to him and he got super pissed when I started dating my now husband threatening to kick his ass. We had to avoid the AA meetings we knew he was at.

Time went on and he disappeared. My husband became a social worker and one day he got called out to the local jail to talk to someone who just got arrested. It was that same guy who got arrested for drugs and he was no less pissed off at my husband for being with me than when we last saw him. This was like 8 years after we saw this dude last so his resentment was insanely strong. My husband had to quickly excuse himself and told the police never to call him back to talk to that man. Creeped us the fuck out.

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