(Serious) People who have survived a murder attempt (by dumb luck) whats your story?

When I was in my early 20s, I was a pretty damaged person. I had a bad childhood and used that as an excuse to escape my pain with drugs. So, by doing that, I ended up hanging out with some really shady people - who did fucked up shit. Anyways - I got arrested, the cop that arrested me, ended up letting me go home so I could tell my parents. Once I got home and told everyone what had happened; a horrible fight broke out and I ended up leaving.

So, I went to town and stopped at a gas station - When I was checking out, this younger man approached me, and started saying he knew me from "Myspace" that we were "Friends". He also said that we could go get high, since I had told him I was having a bad night. Me, being an idiotic kid, got in his car and took some drugs he had given me.

Well, it wasn't what I thought it was and I kept blacking out - So, what I do remember is.. he had a lot of guns, he kept showing me guns that whole night. He wanted me to go out into the woods with him. I was there alone. He ended up taking me into the woods and trying to have sex with me. I ended up talking my way out of it - I didn't want to freak out because I thought if I did that, things would get messy and even though I was really fucked up - I knew, if I didn't stay calm, I would be dead. So, he took me into the basement, after we got back from the woods, and that was the last thing I remember from that night.

The next day, I wake up to two older people staring at me. I was on a table almost half naked in the fucking basement still. They tell me that this is their house and that they knew their son probably done something horrible to me. *I'm disgusted.*

I was lucky because he had left me there in the basement that night. He went to town with two loaded guns in his car and ended up getting pulled over and arrested. I can't imagine what would've happened to me if he didn't get pulled over.

Anyway, I left that house and my mom came and got me. His parents seemed nice but their son was a fucked up piece of shit. I have no idea what happened to him after that but I never reported anything to the police because I was too scared.

I'm 30 now and I've worked through this part of my life. I just wanted to share. Please, don't ever trust anyone who says that they know you from social media.

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