[Serious] People who have worked at psychiatric wards, who was the most 'troubled' patient you worked with?

I got a few stories! Due to patient confidentiality ill keep some details to a minimum.

First one is about myself, was given all types of medication to "Stop my emotional fits." in school. There were times where i would have delusions and just start talking to people as if i knew them for years. "Oh yeah whats up Jim, i couldnt find the dog today to take him for his walk so i hope thats okay!" Did not have a dog, did not know anyone named Jim at the time. Eventually my mom decided i should stop taking them when i did not have school, so every summer was a 3month detox where i felt like death, and every other part of the year was zombie drug induced horror!

I do not remember much from that time (age 8-17) but i have tons of videos from my friends, and lots of stories from teachers and family and friends. I guess one day i started punching myself in the forehead until my knuckles bled because i felt the need to be punished? Another time i tried to tackle a "Bully" because he hurt a friend who did not exist. Weird shit man, weird shit.

Got off it when i was 17, school tried to fight me and i threatened to sue for their very illegal forcing of a child to take meds that left him sterile. Fuck Public schools, and Fuck School administrators who rely on each student being a statistic.

Anyway, thats one. Another is about a client i had while working as a respite worker. Lets call him J for privacy sake. J was a man in his late 30's, low functioning mentally handicapped man with Schizophrenia. He was 6'6 and weighed 350 lbs, basically he was a monster. His family would sware he was a kind and gentle soul, but everyday when we picked him up he would almost need to be restrained until his meds kicked in (super heavy drugs, would kill a normal person). Anyway, one time he ripped the steering wheel out of my hands and tried to kill us both because he knew i was thinking bad thoughts about him? Another time he broke a glass bottle and threatened a Coffee shop worker because she did not have any straws. The final straw was when i drove him 3 hours for a weekend retreat and he found a way into my hotel room and was standing over me with a rock. Said it was to stop any bad dreams from coming out of me and infesting him. OKAY WE'RE DONE HERE! When i quit his family threatened to sue me on no grounds, and when that failed threatened to have their other son (drug addict) kill me and my wife... Normal as normal can be!

Last story: i had a job as floor staff for a Drug Rehab and we had a patient who was well above our care, but was very well off and knew the medical director very well. The Doctor would come in and handle this patient solo all the time, maybe due to a friendship? Maybe due to a promise? No idea.

This man was schizophrenic for sure, when doing a overnight room check the man burst out of his room and threatened me for "Trying to kill him." and "Breaking his rights as an american" .... Yeah was just doing my job.

The next day the man could not even remember who i was, where he was and tried to say we were part of the KGB to get information he had about the American Government, which after learning of his past i can understand why he had that fear, but still at the time he sounded insane.

Anyway i got a promotion to Head of IT after showing my resume to the right people and his story ended very sadly.

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