[Serious] People with low (but functional) intelligence, what's it like to know that you aren't smart like other people?

Here's the thing: People who think of themselves like you (the unmotivated "genius") are a dime a dozen. However, it's a rare thing to find someone who has both the smarts AND the motivation. So if you think you have the smarts, then why not use them to find a field of work or study that you're passionate enough to work hard in and make something of it rather than squander it?

I used to be like you, skating by in life while barely putting in any effort. But once I entered a field (medicine) that attracts a disproportionately high number of people who have that rare combination of intelligence and motivation, I fortunately realized that I'd have to step up my hard work in order to keep up with the top. One of my attendings recently told me I was the hardest working trainee he'd had in his over two decades of teaching and supervising.

Hard work and intelligence both have their place. Neither fully replaces the other. You say you already have the one that has inborn limitations. So why waste the part you can actually change?

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