(Serious question) Why should I care?

That very same statement can be turned against you, if you care so little why are you speaking about it at all?

That's the problem with stating apathy as a form of "eehh I'm above these things", when your statement indicates the opposite. So why do you care?

The reason we care is simple. We're a bunch of angry consumers that are seeing a few key people get too much influence within this industry. The consumer bit comes from that most people here I assume were reading stuff like gamasutra and the like until the bullshit hit the fan. The anger comes from their constant need to lie their way through life and seeing a bunch of beta industry people getting bullied into submission through absolutely sickeningly obvious manipulation.

The fucking play station lottery for an endorsement, the mass effect 3 debacle, games are entitled, etc etc etc.

Gamergate isn't about ethics or even standing up against harassment for me, it's about standing up to the absolute bullshit that this industry pulls on its consumers and prevent it from falling into the hands of the hellhole that is Hollywood and their moneyloving cocaine sniffing deranged execs, and considering some of the business practises being adopted these last few years being increasingly anti-consumer there should be at least some form of publication or company that stands up to these dicks pulling this shit. But there isn't, in fact if you disagree with these anti-consumerist trends you're labelled an entitled piece of shit by the very publications that are supposed to defend you, their readers.

THAT is why IMO gamergate isn't something I can simply support, but it is something this young industry imo simply NEEDS as misguided as people will see it (hey angry consumers are angry consumers, not sure why you need pointing out that angry people do angry things but these internet popstars so devoid of real human interaction probably forgot what it's like to have to actually deal with angry customers) this movement is here to stay and yeah sure not everyone is going to agree with it, but if we want to prevent this industry to fall prey to the same bullshit power games Hollywood ruined itself over then gamergate is here to stay.

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