[Serious] Racist people of reddit, what makes you feel that way towards people?

I have an opinion that some would consider racist, but really if you read what I'm saying word for word you may actually agree with it, regardless of your own race or at least you may respectfully disagree. When it comes down to it I think racially based culture Is what shapes people and how they act, not their race, I think there are no inherent differences between races where morality and criminality are concerned that aren't societally based.

That said I think there's a lot wrong with black and hispanic culture today, sorry, but there is. I'm not going to sit here and pretend that they are one and the same, but I will put them in the same category of minorities with a popularized image of being criminals, lower class, lazy, vain/materialistic, ect., you get the picture. Their negative stereotypes are more or less comparable. It's obviously routed in the societal and financial adversity faced by the older generation of Blacks and Hispanics, but there is a persistent notion that the entire world (somehow only white people though) is out to get them. I feel like at some point in the past people of both races turned to criminal behavior for various reasons, protection via gang membership, financial reasons and purposeful rebellion against what is/was a very corrupt and biased system of government and law enforcement and really society as a whole. For a mixture of those and probably other reasons I've missed, criminal/gang behavior became glorified for minorities in the states, similar things have probably happened abroad too, but I'm from the US so I won't pretend to know. All of this created a criminal archetype for impressionable young men to mold themselves to fit. I wouldn't be surprised if, to some degree at least, this is just how some of them thought success was just supposed to be for "people like them". So basically we now have a large degree of the current generation(s) buying into this shit, even if they're not criminals. All that does/did is further cement the idea of Black and Hispanic criminals into the media, until is an unconscious association for people even in their daily lives. Here's where the conjecture starts, sorta, I think most will agree that this just makes day to day life between White, Black and Hispanics even more separated. With Black and Hispanic people feeling persecuted and White people feeling like they're under attack, what do you think they do? Band together into their own separate cringe inducing echo chambers and declare each other to be the bastard children of a three way between Hitler, Satan and Comcast. Though I'll be honest I've seen more of this shit from Whites and Blacks than Hispanics, but thats beside the point. These two mindless camps of reactionary extremes, just like all reactionary extremes, will fight to the death to defame each other and protect their members, cough Ferguson cough. This is how the social media presence of the children of a generation of civil rights and gender equality activists turned into a massive hostile machine which creates racists of all ethnicities (yeah, minorities can be racist as fuck too), promotes criminality and materialism as virtues and has the sheer audacity to compare their struggle (which, to be fair is pretty bad) to that of their parents. We can totally have healthy race relations in this country, but minorities need to learn the same lesson White people did: Racial pride is a bad fucking thing long term. Seriously, what's your reaction to the phrase "black power"? What about the phrase "white power"? Now taking into account groups from the past like the Black Panthers and modern groups like the Nation of Islam, what's the goddamn difference? They're both just methods of people propping up they're egos within a racial context and banding together to face a faceless "them" type group. We can all get along once we all just admit that none of us is truly "the good guys", nothing has ever been a binary fight of good and evil. Why the hell would race relations be one?

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