[Serious] Reddit, why are you alone?

I am 51 ( yeah I know, ancient ! ) I have spent half of my life in serious relationships. Two ten year and one five year.

The last two have left me confused, distrusting, sad and weary.

Being my age means that I have heard lots of horror stories regarding relationships that make me fear being fucked around by a nut job.

My ex wife left me, screwed me over, made up crap about me both to police and friends, thus alienating me from many people. She has suffered from depression since childhood, and suffers from a few social problems/ mental health issues.

I stood by her and helped her through many bad times, I gave a hell of a lot with very little in return.

Starting again in life as a 49 year old was bloody hard, but I have crawled my way out of the shit sack, and have been feeling pretty great for a while now.

Not having a partner for over two years means that I haven't had to cope with other peoples problems, it's so easy.

Not having had sex for over 3 years isn't great though. I don't fancy paying for it either.

I asked a lady out last week, a friends sister that has the hots for me ( Hey, I might be old but I think I'm not too bad looking still ).

Trying to sort out where to meet became a fucking nightmare, with dozens of text going back and to ( She was at work ) At the last moment before going out she told me she had to be home at 8 pm for a work appointment ( Not what you're thinking reddit )

Jeepers, just the effort of arranging it, then to be told the 8 o'clock thing, then she spent the entire time talking to our mutual friend, another lady.

Why am I alone, all the above.

And women complain that there are no good men out there.

All the good men have been shafted and are too fucking scared to get involved again

Yes I know that ladies get fucked over too, we're all a bunch of nutters.

Hope this answered your question :)

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