[Serious] Reddit, what do you hate about your job?

I once had a job at an incredibly world-known entertainment company. Said company is famous for their dedication both to their products and children, and the brand is actually surrounded by a positive, colourful atmosphere. In short, people have quite a nice idea about them.

I worked in a team consisting of two people. So there was this old, sourpuss woman working by my side, who was said to be very strict. But that changed in the blink of an eye. All of my ideas were automatically discarded, and if I had one that was truly amazing, you could tell it was good for her taking credit for it. Since she had been working there for a decade, it did not really matter to the big bosses what I said. She lied constantly even for requesting days off ('Hey, don't you think it's a bit too early to request days-off for next month?' That to find out the next morning, upon switching on my computer, she had requested them minutes after I left the office the day before.) Her work was not good and she often refused to accept suggestions or changes just in order to save her pride. She steadily tried to control me, ask details about my contract (without an answer, obviously), count the minutes I spent in the restroom or even keep a record of my taken days to see if she could make my life slightly worse by substracting one or two. I could tell a lot of crap, but I think you can already guess how the story went.

Now to the personal stuff. I had moved to the country where said company is located for a girl. A week after my arrival, the thing shattered to pieces. Probably the worst break-up imaginable; the relationship frikin' blew up. Also, please add to my situation a good deal of frustration for the lack of organization inside the company, me disliking the city and living in a 18 square meter flat.

Months after joining the team, we needed people. Someone that was utterly unprofessional was hired and I had to work closely to that person, non-stop. Eight months later, my former girlfriend (also known as 'ex') started to work with us too. (Yay!) But that's not everything: I was sitting in a perfect triangle, surrounded by my ex, the witch I told you about, and my ex's boyfriend, who was disturbingly violent to me (also made an attempt to threaten me).

I happened to meet a guy at the company who some weeks later committed suicide. To my surprise, he was the sixth person to kill themselves in less than 7 years. Hmm... Remember something about the cheerful, awesome, positive energy the company was known for? Well, how about no.

And wait, there's more! My chieftain also tried to monitor everything that was going on in their employees' accounts on social networks. I was blamed for using Twitter after my work day in a totally natural way, and with a terribly poor accusation. That while having no word about being employed by them nor my real name.

I spent there about 2.5 years for solely one reason: experience. Although the job I first told you about made me feel miserable and provided me with some elegant gray hairs, I have learnt a lot (and earned a relative shitload of money). Now I have promised myself to never ever have nearly such bad time at work, and simply quit instead.

My life is way better now, because I keep working professionally but don't overstress myself. Worst case scenario: I come back to my country and go back to university, and this with an awesome curriculum no one in need will hesitate to hire me. :) I will use those 2.5 years as good as I can to make them worth it. I need to do that for the past me, he went through a lot.

Moral: We must not give away our time (specially to tyrants). Use it wisely!

P.S. Sorry if I haven't been very specific. It's quite hard to sum up those dark times this late at night. Hope you enjoyed it though and got some help from it!

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