[Serious] Reddit, what really hurt you and still hurting but you can't tell anyone irl about?

An ex sexually assaulted me. I came home from being out with friends. He didn't believe me when I said we were just hanging out (we were, we ate freaking subway after work, then I went home). He stopped me at the front door, ripped my pants open, and put his fingers in me to make sure I hadn't slept with either of the friends I was out with (two guys), where our neighbours could see. I didn't leave for a few more months, and I never did anything about it. I'm so mad at myself for for letting him get away with that. He probably doesn't even remember, and I still get angry and hurt that I let that happen and didn't make him face consequences. It's not fair that I have to deal with the pain and he probably never thought about it again. And everyone thought he was such a good guy.

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