[Serious] Redditors who are no longer in contact with their parents, what was the final straw?

Ooo, a serious tag I can answer. Neat.

Well, first let's start this off with my favourite little backstory. Back in, what, 2009? I went to PAX Prime in Seattle, just me and my dad. After a while of dicking around in the convention centre I went back to the hotel to just drop some shit off, e-mail someone about how I was doing. When I got back my dad decided to tell me about how he saw some "man dressed like a woman" on the street and had decided to tell her that whoever raised "him" really fucked up with them. It was a trans-woman. I'm not a shitty person so I just sorta thought "Wow, what a fucking dick move." and didn't bother with it past that. The worst part about it was that he was very clearly pleased with himself, like he had just done something so great and amazing.

Fast-forward about 5 years, and guess what? I'm trans and very openly so. Dressing female, using a female name etc. I'd moved away from them with a friend for about a year prior the soon-to-be-mentioned ordeal as I just couldn't stand being around people that constantly blamed me for everything that went wrong, would tell me that I "ruined" holidays and would just generally treat me like shit. I hesitantly went back just to save up money to move somewhere else. Before I moved back in to my parent's I had told my friend "my dad is going to freak out and attack me, I know it".

I go back, and they're all supportive and loving blah blah blah, I can tell it's forced. My dad refuses to use the name I've chosen for myself as it's "hard" for him to do so. Occasionally he'd get in to a mood where we'd all just have to avoid him because he would just be a pissy, angry jackass. About a month in to being there he decided to get in to one of those. I was in my room, meditating, when he bursts in, telling me I need to leave and that I make everyone on edge. Being the idiot he is he doesn't even bother trying to think that maybe it's him, that everyone is avoiding him because he's just a rage-o-holic jackass. He yells at me, still refusing to use my actual name just out of spite. After about a minute of this I realized that I would need to call the police because I knew he was going to get violent. I took my phone, walked out of my room to try and go outside to call. About halfway down the hall he tackles me, smashes my phone, starts screaming at me that I'm crazy and yells at my mom to call the police. Meanwhile my mom is telling me that I'm worthless and that everything is my fault. The police came, took me to the hopsital because at that point I'm mentally falling apart.

Just to save some time, about two weeks later I'm staying with a friend because I refuse to go back to my parents house. I eventually went back for about 10 minutes to grab all my things, left holding up a middle finger in their direction and haven't contacted or seen them since, which I am glad for and will never regret.

tl;dr Parents always told me I was an awful person, told me I ruined everything, attacked me because I am trans.

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