[Serious] Redditors who are no longer in contact with their parents, what was the final straw?

Well.... I was put in a foster home at 5... adopted by grandparents when 7... my mom stayed in and out of drug rehabilitation... moved in with my aunt and uncle in 6th grade... sent to boarding school end of 8th grade year... I was told it was a summer camp and then left there with guidelines set by my aunt and uncle that I was to have no contact with my sister or mother. Well naturally, that pissed me off pretty bad, being lied to and then that. Well 4 years with virtually no contact but a couple two week breaks each year kinda tears apart a family. My mom never could seem to pull herself together (I blame some of that on the fact that my aunt and uncle took the last bit of me away from her). When I graduated, my sister offered to help me move in to my dorm. My mom went with us and it was... an alright trip... quiet trip. My next time home, my mom didn't even show up to see me. My sister has always been there for me though (we're tight). My mom moved to another state. I don't call much because I don't feel the need to. I barely stay in contact with anyone in my family. I just don't feel the need because they don't feel like family. Four years of feeling unwanted, rejected, and set apart will do that to a person. Well, today is my first Christmas at home since 2011 (out of country) and the divide is apparent. I'll call my mom and tell her Merry Christmas. That's about all the conversation will be. I don't blame her for who I am. I know that I could keep contact with all of them but I just can't find the love to do so. I was put 2nd and 3rd by everyone but my grandfather over drugs, alcohol, friends, and other family, even by the same family I lived with at the time. Now I'm doing great on my own, making good money, traveling, doing school, having fun.

My dad was never in the picture.

I'll finish this later, i gotta go.

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