[Serious] Redditors who are no longer in contact with their parents, what was the final straw?

Not my parents at all but more like my dads family. Long story so sit tight, I don't mind venting.

The issue started when my mom got married to dad, my aunt, dads sister(let's call her aunt bitch), was jealous. I don't have an Oedipus complex but my mom is an attractive woman, for some reason my aunt was jealous a better looking woman was now a part of the family so she showed a bit of jealousy. My mom tried to fight it off because they were roughly the same age and could potentially be friends and sisters. But no.

They cut contact and only saw and talked to each other when we went to visit them in the summer. When my moms brother, father and mother passed away, we got no calls from my dads family because my aunt was a manipulative bitch who controlled my dads older brothers and mothers to not contact her. My mom was upset because she didn't feel a part of the family.

My dad was diagnosed with cancer a few years back no one called her or us to see how we're doing. Their brother and my dad was dying but it's as if they didn't really give a shit. Even when my parents and siblings went to visit they didn't ask us how we're doing. Acting like nothing is wrong all along my dad had 2 surgeries and chemotherapy. The icing on top of it all was the fact that NOONE told my grandmother that her son was really sick. Why? Because bitch aunt thought it would be harmful for her health to find out her son was dying.

When my dad finally was admitted to hospice basically in a coma, that's when they told her about my dad.

My uncle was essentially jealous of my dad for doing so well in life and he didn't hace as much financial security as my old man did.

I barely spoke to them in the past and now I have absolutely no reason to since my dad passed away a few months ago. I'm glad I fonthave to worry about them on my life any longer.

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