[Serious] Redditors who are no longer in contact with their parents, what was the final straw?

I started writing this, then deleted because it was way too long and going no where fast, so a short synopsis: Father remarried a whore, whore manipulated him into sending my sister to live with my gdad 8 hours away and me to boarding school so she could have her perfect family (with her two kids), whore goes through my things while I am away and reads my diary and my sisters diary, father tells me he hates me and calls my sister a slut, (my diary explained my hatred for her in quite vivid details as any 14 year old would have). Have to move back home because they can't afford my school anymore, my sister doesn't come home, live with them for another 4 years while being VERY aware they don't want me there (i.e. they buy a house which doesn't have a room for me so I live in a caravan out the back, they spend like $20 on xmas gifts for me but spoil her kids with everything they ever wanted etc etc). Living there was a nightmare, I was very depressed at this time, it's hard to have feelings of worth when you are living with people who make you feel like you are nothing but an inconvenience to them. They refuse to let me have contact with my sister during this time (as they think she is a whore etc etc) and we moved from our original house so my sister can't get in contact with me. I eventually run away with my boyfriend at the time as soon as I finish high school, move to the city, get in touch with my sister through my gdad, have no contact with my father for maybe 7 years or so. My mother dies (she was a drug user but not necessarily a bad person, just a terrible mother),my father calls me when he hears, I think maybe he is starting to realise how horrible he was to me, he doesn't mention anything that happened in the past, so I don't bring it up either, we just talk on the phone like nothing happened. Yay maybe I have my father back?? , minimal contact over the next few years, messages for bday etc that's it, but too be honest it's nice to have that! Then I get engaged, have to think about whether to invite him, he isn't really a father to me, him and his new wife put me through so much (too much to put in this post really) so I decide to try catch up with just him so we can talk and try resolve some issues we are both adults now so surely we can "clear the air". He cant see me with out her. Not even a 15min coffee, he makes excuses for her having to be there (I live in city, he lives in town 3 hours away), he comes up to the city for work quite often but he couldn't see me on any of those trips apparently. So I figure if he can't spend 15minutes to talk to me then nothing is going to get resolved, the 15 year old me can't imagine having him there on my wedding day anyway, so I decide to just leave it and don't mention it. He finds out I got married via my gdad, obviously gets pissed him and his wife weren't invited (YOU THINK ID INVITE YOUR WHORE WIFE??) so no more messages from him. contact gone. find out from my aunty he has left the country and moved to his wife's country. no good bye nothing. Then my gdad dies, my gdad has been my family during all this crap, he was my favourite person in the world. My father didn't even call me to ask about funeral details or even to discuss this event, he knows how much gdad means to me and my sister. He was never close to him (my gdad didn't approve of his new wife and didn't like the way my sister and I were treated). Anyway, him not calling or emailing me after my gdad died was the last straw for me,. he is sulking about not being invited to my wedding (which only had 20 people anyway, small wedding) but he knows how much gdad meant to me and my sister. So I figure he really doesn't care about the well being of his daughters, he doesn't care whether we are happy or healthy or anything, so to me he isn't a father. I have tried to forgive so much he has done in the past 15 years because I know its his new wife that is manipulating him, but how much can I continue to forgive? He is happy with his new wife, his new kids and his life so I guess we can continue to exist without being involved in each others lives...

It's not as traumatic as being abused or anything horrendous like that, it kind of sounds like a whinging teenager, but I can't even begin to describe what it was like living there for those few years, I had to try concentrate on highschool but the whole time I was fighting the urge not to just curl up and die. Leaving there was the best decision I made, and even though so many years have passed just thinking about that family makes me shake, so I am happy to have no contact with my father.

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