[Serious] Redditors who have cut family members off from their lives, what was the final straw for you?

Yeah, that disappoints me. I’m in the extreme minority, perhaps the only one in existence, that prefers Joey over Friends. Joey’s actually one of my all-time favorite shows. Impractical Jokers may be the only show that makes me laugh harder than Joey. He’s the most wholesome character in Friends, and I loved a show completely focused on him. I despise Ross (though Schwimmer seemed cool in the Reunion), and that often puts a damper on Friends for me.

Nobody liking Joey frustrates me (my ex and I were talking, post break-up and trying to be as friendly as possible, and this show got brought up and she goes “It’s not nearly as good as Friends” and my knee-jerk response was “You’ve never even fucking watched it!”), especially the reasons they give. “Joey is a static character.” In Friends, Joey is static. His title show demonstrates him as more dynamic while remaining true to his goofball persona. “You went from this fun-loving guy you wanted to be around to a lonely man who couldn’t get a job or women anymore.” Uh...so because Joey’s struggles (in large part from moving and starting a new life) are depicted like they would quite probably happen you hate it? That being said, Joey begins his spinoff with trouble with work, but he overcomes that. And, to be clear, Joey NEVER loses his edge with women. They actually do a bit about that in the show where he confesses to his sister and 20-year-old-virgin-roommate-nephew that he’s felt off his game since moving to LA, his nephew starts saying how comforting that is to hear, only to be interrupted by a gorgeous woman exiting Joey’s bedroom and Joey kissing her goodbye. He turns to his family and says, “I said it was difficult, I didn’t say it was impossible!”

As Lisa Kudrow points out in the reunion, no new episodes will happen because nobody wants characters’ happy endings undone. By that rationale, Joey was the only appropriate character to create a spinoff of, because he was the only one in Friends without a concrete happy ending (something he addresses in an early episode of Joey in a speech that has made me want to cry, because he passionately lectures his sister how hard but necessary change is in life).

Overall, people’s opinions about Joey feel very dogmatic because of their love for Friends. Maybe I don’t feel that way because of how much I hate Ross (I joke to my own friends that Friends would be infinitely better if Ross had been hit by a bus and replaced with an actual kind man instead of a “nice guy”).

To correct the Reunion’s lack of acknowledgement of Joey as canon: His career does actually pan out. If you can manage to get ahold of the whole two seasons (Season 2 is really hard to find, I first watched it all on torrents but they were poor quality, and then I monitored EBay for a DVD copy that wasn’t 500 dollars [it was never released in the US] that also played in my region for over five years) you’ll find that Joey stars in a big Jerry Bruckheimer action film, and gets asked to throw an honorary pitch in between baseball innings at a game. He also falls in love, and though the show didn’t go long enough to show them get married and start a family, it ends with her telling Joey that despite her former failed marriage she could never dismiss the possibility of getting married again when it comes to him.

Joey is the most lovable character in Friends. He continues to be lovable in his own show. The drama isn’t QUITE as compelling as in Friends, but I admit that objectively. Personally, I think the “We were on a break!” arguments are stupid. Friends shined best when it was funny.

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