[serious] Redditors who have experienced psychosis, what happens, how do you handle it and how does it impact your relationships?

It started when I turned 25 as hearing blood curling almost angry screams of what sounded like my mum while showering when I started using weed and lsd, then weeks after not using muffled talking in the house when alone during the day and night and most often music started playing from an unknown source but very strange in tone also. Shit like that would happen maybe 3 times a week sometimes I would get visuals patterns moving around like they are breathing. It was hard because my personality began to change and I lost interest in my boyfriend who I cared about more than life and ended the relationship because I began to feel unstable and erratic always and couldent sit still or sleep properly.

Idk if that was informative or what you asked but thats my experience

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