[Serious] Redditors who have overdosed - what was it like and how did it change you? Do you still use drugs?

Over-sized three times

Once on heroin + ativan. I don't remember the incident at all. I Rembert getting high, then missing time, then being back at my apartment wanting to get high again. My Gf at the time had given me mouth to mouth to keep me alive while my friend drove us to the hospital, where they gave me narcan I suppose.

Once on what I thought was heroin, but was actually fentanyl. I remember doing a normal size line, then I started getting manic and way too high. Then I remember waking up on the floor, surrounded by three paramedics, two pice officers, my friend, my mother and my brother. I was apparently freaking out and resisting treatment. I remember I was crushing the pulse meter thing they had put on my finger. I thought this was all some insane hallucination at first, until I caught my friend's eye and he gave me a look of like, ' this is real, bro'. They had given me narcan again, so I very quickly regained my senses and calmed down. I switched into drug user charm mode. These situations don't scare me or worry me, but putting my family in that position is very regrettable.

The other time was on meth. It was more of a psychotic break, but I still class it as od. Very intense, very confusing, very hard to describe to myself. I was at a friend's and my brain just snapped. Hallucinations, nothing made sense, behaving erratically, 911 was called, I went to hospital. I remember getting in the ambulance, and then waking up a day later I guess in the hospital bed. My Gf, same one as before, was there. Again, I just wanted to get high again.

I used meth daily for about 2 years straight about a decade ago, before stopping. I've tried it again a few times since, but it's a pretty terrible drug and I don't have time for it.

Heroin, I've used more or less monthly for 20 years. Never got addicted to it. I don't mind doing it still. But it holds less and less interest for me. I don't like myself much when I'm on it, but it does feel pretty damn good.

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