[Serious] Redditors with mental illnesses, what is something you wish people understood?

I care. I care so much about what you have to say, think, how it makes you feel, etc. But please understand whenever I am 'not paying attention' it is because the difficulty of making eye contact mixed with the constant cacophony of noises, bright lights/colors both real and imagined, sensory overlap, and the 'picture-in-picture' effect are all competing for prime-time brain space while I absolutely, desperately, try to hear EVERYTHING you say. Not just listen to you, I meam hear you. It crushes me when someone I love gets frustrated by my apparent lack of attention/interest. Chances are while I'm staring out the window, admiring the flashes of color between the leaves of the trees I'm being reminded of the bright sparkle of your eyes when you smile, or something or the other and the first time I noticed that, and the 10th time, and the 1,847th time, and how much I enjoyed that. Anything leads to a connection of everything and suddenly hours have gone by, I feel like Alice and I live in a world of proverbial rabbit holes.

Sometimes it is infuriating and overwhelming, mostly in cases such as use of public transportation/being in cities in general. Music helps, and most of the time it is just radical fun to be alive, and I feel lucky to experience it all. I wouldn't change a thing about the way my brain works.... Doc told me once 'it's got all the right wires, they're just not quite plugged in the right places' (insert sales pitch of how whatever drug they are peddling at the moment can help plug it in correctly) .... oh yeah? I'll pass.

I have ADD/Synesthesia. Male.

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