[serious] Religious people of Reddit, what is your best argument for your God being real?

I did not miss it, which is why I was not asking for you to explain why you think it's logical to believe in your God, and why I was confused when you went on doing what appeared to me as attempting to argue.

I'm trying to identify not what assumption(s) you choose to make that make your belief internally consistent, but why you choose to make whichever assumptions you do, either in contrast to some other assumptions or in contrast to making no assumptions.

I agree that things have appeared to become somewhat argumentative, and I apologize for misinterpreting what you have said as a change of your mind with respect to not intending to argue. Ultimately, however, an argument will get both of us nowhere and I have no intention to convince or be convinced of anything.

I seek only to understand why you choose to believe what you do, and in the same way that you have no argument to propose regarding the veracity of your beliefs, I do not seek any argument regarding the veracity of your beliefs.

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