[Serious] Should I become a millionaire?

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I would keep part time jobs, simply because I need something to do with my time and it is better than cashing in on hard earned money. I can only spend so much time surfing reddit, looking at porn, doing meetups, jacking off, and sleeping. I call work my 'refractory period'.

Because of a quirk in my families mostly neglectful raising, I had access to computers. Early on, met two mentors who gave me the knowledge to succeed in STEM fields and make money, without a degree. This job is hard and stressful, but is rewarding if I allow it to be. I have had a moderate worsening in health because of the job, so part of the debate is how much more do I want to damage myself. I eat right half of the time and work out regularly, so I am trying to compensate. No point at living like a monk for greed. The meaning of "You can't have your cake and eat it too" hits me hard.

Being genuinely affluent doesn't do much for my social life. If most of you saw me I would probably look like the stereotypical fat loser. The wealthy/affluent people I know act like they are homeless/pensioner/unemployed. I live frugally, which is part of the reason I have money now. I don't admit to my family or friends that I have money. I'm fat, unattractive, and have a hard time talking to people. I am not religious. I get shunned in dating websites because of these facts. I have never been married and have no children, which partly helps in work being optional.

This has been quite the existential dilemma for me, and the plans I put in place to fix my life fell through a few months ago. Now, I'm mid-thirties and debating whether I cash in the remaining best years of my life to be more confident in my future. If I stay as I am, I'm a millionaire in five years. If I take a simpler job, but don't touch my savings, I'm a millionaire in seven. If I quit, I'm never a millionaire, but I don't have to worry either.

The question is, do I quit my job and travel the world while I can but never become a millionaire , do I get a simpler job and let my money compound or a little longer, or do I keep pretending to be a wage slave and become a millionaire a little sooner; risking my body/mind are broken before I take time for myself?

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