[Serious] Should elderly people be forced to take tests regarding their motor vehicle operating abilities and mental fitness and get their motor vehicle license(s) revoked if they fail the test(s)? Why/why not?

My grandfather was on 24 hour assistance after a brain injury before he passed. He couldn't even walk himself, he had to have his caretaker hold him up. My mom was holding his license and got him a picture ID (not a drivers license) because his doctor said he could not operate any machinery. He convinced the naive caretaker that he needed his driver's license and she took him to the DMV... In his condition, unable to walk by himself, barely able to speak coherently the DMV issued him a new license without question. When my mom called to ask them why the fuck they would do that they stated they are legally required to issue a new license if the license is still valid, regardless of the condition of the person. If he had gotten behind the wheel he more than likely would have killed himself and/or someone else.

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