[Serious]Should I move on from my online boyfriend?

I met my boyfriend in 2012 on a video game. I was drawn to him because he was the only guy not hitting on me like crazy and did not seem creepy. We had become best friends telling each other everything. I had even sworn before him I would never give another guy a chance. Therefore, he was the very depressed type so I build him out of that he seem to get self-esteem. Lately I got him into a game called Final Fantasy 14. Something felt off, he seems different so I did not trust him because I felt he did not trust me. He started spending lots of time on that game.

I wanted him to quit and we just focus on real life. He does not work and he is not in college. I found it odd he could not make time for me. He refused to give up on this friend he has known for three weeks. Said it would not solve the problems, I felt that person is the problem because I can feel I am not important anymore. Yesterday, he finely admitted he does not trust me. He said he would not have me bossing whom he is friends with. I told him I would not mind if they are on face book or talking on the phone but not on the game, I felt it is a girl. I do not know he/her and I know all his friends and family.

He said he never told them anything about our relationship. Yet he says he has to go see what the people think that is in this video game guild. Why, can’t you talk to your dad or older brother or mom or sisters but not strangers you have not known that long? I do not know what to do because he was my best friend, he became my boyfriend, and I thought husband. Since I had a career already, I would just become a full time doctor and he becomes a stay at home dad. We did break up for two days and got back together but he was not effected I found him playing that game.

He is also thinking of dropping his online friend that he talks to a lot. Telling me, I should be more worried about that person. Why, would I be when you use to tell me details of what you would do this person you will not tell me anything? He wants me to jump through hoops. I am the first girlfriend he has ever had he is 22 years old now. He has never written me love letters or anything like that. I feel like he is not giving anything to the relationship.

His brother and sister have moved back in the sister with all two kids and about to have a 3rd and the person is not around. Should I completely just forget about him since now he knows how I feel? He already has made it clear I will not be getting my way. This person is a part of his life now. To me it sounds like a relationship he says it is just guy to guy bounding. He has guy friends and he has an older brother and dad that live there with him.

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