Serious Sleep Issues, slowly losing my mind.


I usually kill my monitors and stuff half an hour or so before bed, I remember reading somewhere that the exact frequency of the back lights in most screens are specifically made to target our circadian rhythm and keep us staring at them longer and longer. However I don't normally turn my computer its self off, which after reading a few things I think I'm going to start powering it down each night. As for a low distraction, I use to do self hypnosis each night before bed as a way to relax, prepare for the next day and all that, until my lucid dreams started getting..... counter productive. Now I don't really have anything that I do right before bed, besides occasionally smoking. I did use to read when I was having trouble sleeping, but I now share a room with someone and the light would keep them up, what about audio books? Would having a phone with ear/buds and an audio book be just as effective?

When I'm unsuccesfully trying to sleep most of the time my mind is thinking about how desperately I need to fall asleep. I have had nights where I literally lay there and concentrate on falling asleep until the sun is coming up and my alarm goes off. My mind doesn't really wander, it just gets really counter productive X-D. Thanks for the tips, I think I'm going to start finding something small I can quietly tinker with whenever I can't sleep that's not involving the computer or that.


I'm going to. I stumbled upon another site here on reddit called 1000hours, and was reading through their blog. They highly advise getting a general practitioner and consulting them regularly about anything like this. They talked about all the different things that could affect sleep habits and mental health issues that cause insomnia and all the non-medicinal ways to regulate and resolve these issues. My goal is to gather the money and willpower to get my ass to a doctor by the end of the month >.<

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