[Serious] Do you know someone closely who turned out to be a murderer how were they before that incident?

A school mate of mine murdered his wife a few years ago.

I went to grade school with this guy, but we didn't start to hang out until high school, when I dated my ex (they were best friends). He was a really sweet guy, soft spoken, and very easy going. He was pretty shy but always had a lot of friends, a couple of them I still speak to.

He ended up joining the military after high school and shortly after, met and married his wife (she was in the military also). I was thrilled for him, he always talked about wanting to marry and start a family. About a year later I met his wife and their newborn daughter while they were on leave. He was over the moon in love with this little girl.

A couple years after that I heard from my Ex about what had happened and I couldn't believe it. He murdered his wife, strangled her with a lamp cord, then stuffed her body into a big sterile container and hid her body in their garage for a month. Whenever her parents would call her, he would fake texts back to them. Whenever people would ask about her around base he would tell them that she was visiting her parents on the reservation. He didn't get caught until he started asking about how to dispose of a body.

To this day I don't know what could have caused him to snap like this, I thought maybe something happened to him while he was serving and was dealing with PTSD. I've heard rumors that she wanted to end the marriage and threatened to take the daughter away from him (since the daughter was Native American, he would basically have 0 parental rights to her). I think the thought of losing his daughter that he loved so much could have triggered him to do this.

It's such a shame, he ended up losing her anyway, the grandparents took custody and he grandfather stated that he will make sure she knows who murdered her mommy.

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