[Serious] Tell us your greatest League story

Way back in season 1 I fininshed the season in bronze, coming into season 2, I was looking to change that. Throughout the season I was climbing higher and higher on the ladder, eventually reaching above 2000 elo. Around this time I remember an announcement was made about a new ranking tier, diamond. It was later made clear that to obtain diamond, one would have to reach a rating of 2200. I was steadily climbing the ladder, and thought that I might actually be able to reach 2200 elo before the season would end. I was slowly getting closer, eventually reaching 2100 elo. At this point me and my friends were joking about how I would reach 2199 rating and then just lose match after match. I continue to climb, and eventually I’m on 2187 rating. Often one would gain 12 elo when winning a match, but at times one could also gain 13. As I enter the game I’m hoping for the 13 points, but upon winning the match I only get 12. Here I am on 2199 elo, when my conversation with my friends resurfaced in my mind. Was I going to lose from this point on? Fast forward to the end of the next match, where I end up losing. At this point, I’m starting to get a little nervous, was this really happening? Match after match, I lose, I end up on a huge losing streak. I eventually fall past 2100 elo. I’m completely destroyed, how could it possibly happen? I was so close. At this point there was only one week until the end of the season. I keep trying playing match after match, my rating stabilises at around 2120, and there was only one day left. I wake up early in the morning, and fire up my PC. This was going to be it, I will pick my strongest champion and power through. I picked Graves, and won the first game, completely destroyed the other team, I was regaining my confidence. Game after game I continue to completely destroy the opposition with Graves. Finally I neared the 2200 mark. One more game and I would receive my diamond rating. Once again I pick Graves, and with my confidence in my play at its highest I was sure to win. I eventually managed to win, not losing a single match on this day, winning match after match. Finally I had reached my goal. Although the deadline eventually got pushed beyond the original date, this was still the most intense moment I’ve ever had playing league.

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