[Serious]Were you ever bullied? How did you handle it?

I always found myself in a three-way best friendship...where the other two girls would gang up on me in as passive-aggressive way. I would put up with it until we moved away and then I would make friends with a couple of new assholes and start the cycle all over again. This happened three times until the summer after freshman year of high school. One night, ones of the girls had decided to turn the abuse into something physical. Little did she know, that I was ticking time bomb...after years of taking my mother's drunken abuse and always letting my sister take it out on me without fighting back. So she decides to accuse me of hitting on some guy she liked and wants to fight. Mind you...it is the middle of the night and we are both staying over the third girl's house. So they are both standing over me...egging me on. I am so hurt and upset by this...but I keep my cool and calmly say that they know this is bullshit and I'm not fighting her. So she throws a lame punch on the side of my head. Instantly flashes of my mother hitting me in the head start to flood my mind and it takes everything in me to keep calm and warn her that she better not fucking touch me again. Stupid bitch hits me again. As much as I try to stop myself, I jump up and grab her her throat, pull her face into mine and say through clenched teeth, "Don't ever touch me again." The look in my eyes must have warned...more than words or actions...that it is taking everything in me not to let loose this can of whoop-ass that has been brewing for years on her, because I don't know how bad I'll hurt her. Her smug look instantly turns to fear. I throw her down by the throat, turn around and left, and walked the five miles home in the middle of the night. The cycle ended that night. I transferred to a new school the next year, met a great guy and spent the rest of high school hanging out with him and his nice friends. I have to admit that to this day, I have a hard time making friends with females because I don't trust them. Always hung out with guys after that. My husband was my best friend before we fell in love and has been my best friend for 20 years.

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