[Serious]What do you think about the war in Syria?

1) it's not a civil war; it's a campaign against Iran

2) bashar is irrelevant. In Arab culture, legacy is a big deal. Due to the actions of his father, Muslims don't like him. By Muslims I mean Sunnis, Shias(the ones not loyal to Iran). Christians love him, because of his dad. All in all Syrians preferred his brother to him, so he had low credibility ratings anyway.

3) it's a proxy war and the war/campaign thrives off mass ignorance. Nobody knows what's really going on. The fact that you get opposing views all the time comes to show you that what we're witnessing is a full blown war. A formal war between large nations taking part within Syria. As much as people love to hate the west, they are compassionate people. If Saudi the us etc were openly in a formal war against Iran, Russia, Syria etc, people would be so against it as a whole and protest. War is not popular anymore so using little mercenary groups under big umbrella organizations is proving to be successful. If you look at what Russia is doing right, why the fuck would they intervene in US elections and stuff now? It's simple; they're actually in a formal war.

4) bashar will be air striked or drone striked

5) there will a civil war in Lebanon right after this to take out Hezbollah. Israel will try to intervene but in a way that "benefits" Lebanese people and Lebanese people will take it

After that whole scenario, the formation of Kurdistan on irani and Turkish land will be a huge fucking mess of dog shit

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