(Serious) What afterlife theories might be scientifically plausible?

Since i have been reading a bit of Buddhist literature lately here this my interpretation of the Buddhas my take on afterlife.

There is no such thing as afterlife because there is no such thing as soul/self or consciousness that is reborn or some kind of ethereal entity migrate form one body to another. This is clear cut dualism, which was rejected by the Buddha as false. Also, this kind of thinking arises because of the distorted perception, that there is such thing as self/soul/ consciousness/mind or whatever that is separate and independent of the body.  It would be very difficult to deny that we as a human beings have the subject experience of "being in the world" that we exist, that we have desires aspirations hopes and dreams and so on and we tend to have the impression that we exist somehow independently of the material world.

On the other hand, Buddha also talks about rebirth and that beings are reborn in different realms. Which is very interesting because it seems like these two things are completely irreconcilable. So, how does one reconcile these two views.

While reading Suttas, i noticed that Buddha talked a lot about the relationship between (Name and Form) and Consciousness and that this kind of relationship gives rise to the notion of subjective experience of "being in the world" or "I exist in the world". What struck me as particularly interesting is his comparison of this relationship between to that of a process of burning. Wood burns because of fire and fire burns because of wood, these things are related, which means that our "subjective experience of being in the world" is similar to that of process burning. So basically our existence and experience of the world is nothing more than just consequence of living the 2nd law of thermodynamics. We live in open system, Sun supplies energy to the earth, in order to dissipate energy more efficiently beings evolve on earth. In other words we are nothing more than just entropy generating machines.

It is basically, inevitable that conscious beings like ourselves and other myriad of other beings of varying complexity would arise in the universe in which we exist.

Where it leaves us is that we as a human beings are nothing more than just entropy generating machines and that our sense of subjectivity (which we tend to think is some kind of sense of self or I which separate from our body) is nothing more than just the process of the our body consuming food and converting it to energy so that it can find more food and mate for reproduction.

So when the question who is reborn when body dies is just as meaningless as meaningless as the question "is fire food? "or is wood fire?".

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