[Serious] What are the signs that someone is a manipulative or toxic person?

I used to maintain a moderately popular blog, and often wrote book or film reviews for some websites. My soon to be ex-wife never bothered to read any of my writing, or express any interest in it whatsoever.

One night I was writing a book review, and she snarled about what a waste of time it was because I wasn't getting paid for it, and I should be upstairs with her (where I could wait on her hand and foot, of course).

Any time I developed an interest in something, she made a point of being completely non-supportive. I took up running for a while and made some progress, but she couldn't have cared less, and when I went out for a run she'd always make a point of being as dismissive as possible when talking about it.

Anything I wanted to watch on TV was "stupid" and we had to watch her shows instead. If I went downstairs to watch something myself, she used to act offended by it.

I moved from another part of the country to be with her, but if my parents came to visit it was a massive inconvenience for her. She'd have me up well after midnight cleaning up before they arrived, because she thought they were "judging" her for how clean the house was. My brother and his wife and son weren't even allowed to stay at our house, because it would make her "uncomfortable."

We've been separated for over a year, and now she's with a new guy. She does all kinds of things with him that she would never do with me, like go to college football games and watch Star Wars movies. Maybe she's learned from our marriage - or maybe she's just waiting for the right time to start showing him what she's really like.

Either way: not my problem anymore.

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