[Serious] What are some of the creepiest moments in Reddit history that people have seem to have forgotten?

Okay... thanks for helping to prove my point I guess..? Weird how you agree with me but you're so far up your own ass it's next to Impossible for you to see it. Yes, disagreement doesn't mean you delegitimize your opponent. That was sarcasm.

And the convo was never about males. Its was about a rape culture. Something I agree with you, we do have one. Buts it's much more persistent in females than males. Women will come up with a bunch of excuses of why they didn't harm a child. As if children can consent. And boys are more likely to be molested than girls are, and women who do molest children are not punished near as hard as males are. So yes there is a rape culture, and its against men in general. From jokes about men being raped in prison to little boys being raped by their female teacher and told they're gay for not liking it or even worse, their abusers gets a slap on the wrist most of the time. Which almost never happens to female victims.

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