[Serious] What are some seemingly normal images with disturbing backstories?

If you ask an American about the saddest/worst events in the 21st century, they’d probably start with 9/11 and struggle to go further.

Obviously I agree that 9/11 was bad. But Americans are largely unaware of the terrible tragedies that happen around the globe frequently. Millions die in genocides and entire municipalities get leveled with the women raped and the children enslaved. Tsunamis kill hundreds of thousands more than the 3000 in 9/11.

My point is Western media doesn’t really cover/care about those things because Americans and the Westbin general tends not to care that much about tragedies that happen to non-white people in non-white countries.

You’re an idiot if you think I’m somehow diminishing 9/11 for pointing that out. You sound like a typical closed-minded Westerner.

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