[Serious] What are your honest thoughts on transgender people?

I dunno - I think as far as gender goes, that is a social construct and all, so the majority of trans folk identify with their (actual, non-assigned-at-birth) gender in terms of identity, just like just about anyone.

In terms of not feeling your gender, that's a bit like me claiming I'm not feeling my appendix. I mean, it's always been functioning, no real reason it would call attention to itself. My sex, on the other hand, is a whole different story. If I were left isolated on an island for my entire life, with no idea of what a man or woman was, I'd still be transgender, because it kind of comes down to the disorientation, constant disassociation, and just 'wrongness' of it. It's a little like driving a car, but with random bits of machinery being replaced with that of a tractor. Clearly something's up - there are weird issues, things don't seem to behave as they should, and it feels like it can't function.

The parts people seem to be uncomfortable with is the way that manifests itself. Everyone's reminded a million times a day what sex they're perceived as, what clothes they're expected to wear, mannerisms to adopt, etc. It makes a lot of sense to me that most folks feel denied that part of themselves, but it's not really the root of the issue (it might be worth mentioning here that, to my memory, only about 20% of binary trans folk have any intention, or have gotten, a bottom/top surgery).

There's always been something in the back of my head that kind of seemed to have an idea of what my body was "supposed" to be, and it makes it easier to identify with women than men. It's a lot of subtle things. Trans folk are socially conditioned like everyone else, but are humiliated and embarrassed for gravitating towards what would be natural.

See, with me it's a little less, well, drastic? simple? I had no fucking idea just how detached I was from seeing my body the mirror until I actually started to recognize it - it was weird to think my sanity remained intact all those years. Total head trip. But my mind's been functioning so much clearer with estrogen treatments, and there's issues with my chest, legs, and hands - it's this super weird, permanent alien feeling. But it's not so firmly planted in a single group that I'd call myself either/or. The feeling of being yourself is important, but frankly, my main goal in transitioning is being able to leave my goddamn house without the crippling anxiety that comes from that difficult-to-describe discomfort of dysphoria. If I look like a carnival freak to people, if I lose my job, so be it - something had to be done.

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