[serious] What is the best way to spend a £3,000,000 inheritance?

1.Pay off all debt with interest rates >3% 2. Buy a property to live in. Upper middle class or better area. Don't spend too much we dont need 5 bedrooms 4 car garage and a pool. Buy the property with a larger down payment 30-40% we want low monthly payments to give us low overhead. Paying all cash would not be a terrible idea. 3. Buy a reasonable automobile. Dont need Mercedes or Tesla. Toyota and Honda are fine. 4. Get your kids into the best school possible. Private school is usually the best and it is always expensive, everywhere. Earmark funds for tuition, this is gonna eat hundreds of thousands but its worth it. 5. Invest the remaining monies- 50% in low risk like gov bonds, 25% in medium risk like ETF funds and 25% in high risk yolo investments. Blow it all on TSLA calls.

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