[Serious] What do you think happens after death?

In Islam, here is a description of it detailed in fine points: (A Good Read trust me)

  • Each person has a soul , this soul lives in a world where material laws do not apply (Like Dream World), this soul will be questioned by two angels.
  • These angels appear in two shapes depending on the goodness of one's soul (Merciful and light) for good peoples, (Cruel and dark) for the un-good people.
  • These angels will ask the soul 3 questions (Who is your creator, What is your religion, Who is your prophet).
  • A good soul will answer correctly (Old jews will say: Yahwah, Moses, Submission to Yahwah), (Old christians will say: God, Jesus, Submission to God), (Muslims will say: Allah, Muhammad, Submission to Allah). So this soul will have it's resting place a heavenly grave.
  • A bad soul will say : I don't know, I don't know, I don't know. So this soul will have it's resting place a piece of hell.
  • This rest will continue until judgment day.
  • Judgment day comes, God flattens the earth, and he will order Israfil to blow an a horn announcing to the souls their judgment day is now, all the souls will have their bodies rebuilt the same way they were built the first time, even their fingerprints will be the same.
  • All souls will start looking for their prophet to follow him, jews will go after moses, christains will go after jesus, and muslims will go after muhammad.
  • All prophets start walking with their nations to the judgment grounds (Known as Israel on the map atm).
  • Those souls who refused to follow prophets are taken by their forheads and thrown into Hell directly, no questions asked.
  • Those souls who didn't get a prophet will be tested to judge if they are worthy of heaven or no.
  • Once all prophets and their nations reach the judgment grounds, they will stand their waiting for God to judge them, the sun will be directly above their heads standing motionless in the skies (will be approx 1 PM), and people will have their sweat as much as their deeds in life.
  • They will stay that way for many years, just standing, no one dies, no one eats, no one sleeps, no one does anything except wait for judgment.
  • Nations will ask their prophets to beg God to start judging them as they are tired of standing, thirsty and hungry.
  • All prophets will decline due to god giving this privilege to muhammad.
  • Muhammad goes at the front, puts his face to the ground and asks God to judge the people.
  • The sky is turn like a knife in a cloth, angels start spreading around the skies, and god descends on his throne which is carried by the greatest 8 angels god has made.
  • Judgment begins, each person is called on by name (poorest people first, richest last), and he will automatically know his time is up, even if two names are the same.
  • He is neared in the front, he stands infront of all nations, and he is given his book of deeds.
  • This book contains every single action he has performed in his life. The book is given in two ways.
  • A good soul will receive his book with his right hand, a bad soul will take the book in his left hand and put it behind his back.
  • The good soul now starts to flipping the pages, seeing his deeds, every time he sees a bad deed, he will weep, and be depressed, then he flips sees a good deed, and is happy. At the end of his book, god will order him to turn them again, he will see his bad deeds are erased, and his good deeds are multiplied. He will overjoy, after his book is finished, he will go back to his prophet.

I'm really tired i will continue this later.

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