[Serious] What lessons have you learnt from playing Civcraft?

For me it's:

  • "You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become a Villain"

    The server is full of wonder when you first join in, but like the ad from a while ago states: you will eventually be able to see the underlying strings tugging at every marionette.

    You see time and time again the same things happening, with possibly the same people, but always new faces. It gets tiring and you yourself become jaded and either don't play (die a hero), or just become something you used to dislike.

    See: Gimmick Brigade or more recently, McDoubleWCheese, Jaaerk, Zoltan, and various other "bounty hunters" who just went bad.

  • Friendship is more important than whatever city you are from or coalition you take place in.

  • At the end of the day this is a factions server without the factions plugin.

    Look at any factions server. You will see builders, traders, and fighters. Sometimes people specialize and sometimes they're all three.

    Nobody will care if their friend goes and griefs some random city. They will go into mumble, or teamspeak, or skype, and say "hey man, you really shouldn't do that!". But nothing happens.

    Perhaps this is comparable to IRL authority organizations like the Police, Military, or other public entities?

    Nobody wants to turn one of their own in. Nobody cares about what style of government you have (sadly). People are afraid to be the initiate cause in conflict but will happily exploit a very low-key wrongdoing in order to get a fix of conflict. Sadly, this is Civcraft now.

  • Never tell anyone what they don't need to know. Think of it like security clearances.

    It doesn't make you a bad friend or ally, but it's adding an unnecessary variable to whatever you are dealing with.

    "Only way a secret can be kept between two people is if one of them are dead".

    This is Minecraft, after all. There is a higher likelihood of your current ally disagreeing with you and possibly fighting against you in the future than there is of Madras buying alternate accounts and claiming a girl at a party gave them to him.

  • Don't get involved with "HCF" or "World Police". They're two sides of the same coin. It's just that the "HCF" are better at doing what the "World Police" wants to do so they get mad. They're both the archetype shitty multi-national groups of higher-echelon players so they'll always end up doing the same shitty things that are limited to Minecraft. Just live far away and call them mean names on the subreddit.

  • Don't get mad at anything.

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