[Serious] What is it like to be fat?

You don't feel your fat, per se. I was obese growing up, probably during the ages of 11 to 16. I remember looking in the mirror and not believing who was looking back because there's no mental difference. I distinctly remember that being a trigger that made me decide to lose the excess fat. It kind of sucks though because now I'm what I call, skinny-fat. I'm skinny until I take my shirt off, then I'm fat again. Loose skin, stretch marks and shame. At least when I was actually fat[ter] it wasn't like I was hiding anything, everyone knew I was fat. Now I can see it in people eyes if I go to a beach or pool when I take my shirt off. If I stand up straight it looks okay at best but I choose not to bend over or sit because what fat is left is not firm and looks like a loose sac of hamburger meat. I haven't been comfortable naked since I was a child.

My girlfriend said her dad made her feel bad growing up because he didn't want her or her sister to get fat. I wish my parents talked to me about getting fat when it was happening. I guarantee it was harder growing up fat with absent parents than with a father who made sure you didn't get fat. I had no friends because who wants to be friends with a fat poor kid? I found that some other fat kids found their niche being funny which I latched onto. I can remember when I finally got a friend, I was in shock anyone wanted me to come hang out. He was from a different high school and a guy from my high school that knew him told him people were only nice to me because they felt bad for me. Well they weren't really nice, nor mean, because you're pretty invisible unless people are making fun of you.
High school eventually got a bit better, mostly because I lost a lot of the fat between sophomore and junior year. But that attracted a whole bunch of unwanted attention itself. "Jesus christ, what did you lose like a hundred pounds?!".

I will tell you though that generally, fatties and ex-fatties will have a better personality than most and if you're looking to talk to someone who's more genuine, that's who you go for. I spent my weekends watching tv alone, watching kids in my grade hanging out with their older brothers go to hangout with my older brother(s). I wasn't wanted or cool enough, thus wasn't allowed. It's funny my brother grew up very popular and handsome as hell. He always had a hot gf and tons of friends and would go to parties that I dreamed about attending. Now as he's 30 and having a quarter-life crisis he says things like, "I need you man". Well bro, maybe I fucking needed you when I was 13 and had no one. Maybe I spent that time building up a thick skin, resilience and a likable personality because no one ever valued me (for any other reason other than what I'd say or do.) Wow. I could probably go on for pages, but I'll end this rant here. Being fat was terrible, but good things came of it for me. I probably wouldn't be as strong as I am today if I didn't have to deal with issues in my younger adolescence.

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