Serious: What makes you say "she is THE ONE"?

I've always been fond of this quote from someone on the Something Awful forums about a decade ago:

Fuck all the pop song puppy love bullshit. Your heart skipping a beat isn't love, it's cardiac arrhythmia. It's not about shortness of breath, either, or how turned on you get or whether you tell yourself you'd throw yourself in front of a bus for her or whatever. You can convince yourself of a lot about how you feel and what you would do in exchange for regular oral sex.

Love is when she drives you insane sometimes. And I don't mean merely "aggravating" or "annoying," I mean flat-out fucking in. Sane. And in a way nobody else can do it in a million years. She'll drive you to the point where you'd gouge out your own eyeball with a melon baller or smack your scrotum a half-dozen times with a ball peen hammer if it means you can be done with this conversation. She'll make you want to chew your own arm off to get out of talking about this. And I don't care how many fucking times you've had this conversation, each time, you know you'll have it again:

Her: I thought you turned the heat on. You: I did. Her: Well, I'm still cold. Are you sure you did it right? You: Yes, I'm pretty sure I know how to turn on a thermostat. Her: 'Cause you know you have to flip the switch to "heat" and.... You: Honey! I know! How to turn on! A thermostat! I went to college for it and everything. Her: Well, I don't feel any heat blowing in here. You: I know. I think you broke the thermostat again. Her: I didn't break it. You: Yes, you did, you put that halogen lamp right next to it again. Her: That doesn't do anything. You: Yes, it does. Her: I thought you fixed it? You: I did fix it, and you broke it again. Her: Are you sure you fixed it right? You: Yes, goddammit, I fixed it right. Her: How do you know you fixed it? You: 'Cause it worked when I fixed it! Her: Well, it's not working now. You: 'Cause you broke it again! Her: How'd I break it? You: You put the goddamn, fucking lamp next to it! Her: I don't see why a lamp would break a thermostat. You: OK. I'm going to explain this. One more time. Slowly. Thermostats have a coil inside them that expands and contracts based on the temperature. This is how they know when it is hotter than the setting of the A/C, so it can cool the room off, or colder than the setting of the heating, so it can heat the room up. Halogen lamps generate heat. Halogen lamps generate a lot of heat. That's why you burn your fingers when you touch the bulbs after they've been on for a while. So when you put a halogen lamp next to a thermostat, it causes the coil to keep expanding and expanding and expanding past the point it's intended to expand. This makes the thermostat think it's really, really hot all the time, and it makes the coil less sensitive in the future, and it'll eventually break the coil so I'll have to replace the thermostat. Her: That doesn't sound right. You: Trust me. It's right. Her: How do you know? You: BECAUSE I TOOK SIXTH GRADE FUCKING PHYSICS, OK?! Her: Well, I don't think they should make thermostats that can be broken by something little like a lamp. You: Fine. Don't think that. Write a letter to the manufacturers. Write a letter to universities and tell them to build a better thermostat. I don't fucking care. But that's how they make them. That's why I keep moving the lamp, that's why I keep telling you not to put it back to the right of the bookcase, that's why I've had to fix the thermostat four fucking times now. Stop! Putting! The lamp! Right! Next! To the thermostat! Her: But on the other side of the bookcase, the front of the hallway is dark, and I can't see inside my gift closet. You: Well, you can turn on the hall light to go through your gift closet, or you can sit here and be cold! Your choice, honey! Her: You: Her: You: Her: I don't think you fixed the thermostat right. You: GOD-MOTHERFUCKING-DAMMIT, I'M GOING TO FIX THAT MOTHERFUCKING THERMOSTAT TOMORROW, AND I SWEAR TO MOTHERFUCKING CHRIST IF YOU PUT THE LAMP NEAR THE THERMOSTAT AGAIN, I WILL SMASH IT TO A MILLION FUCKING PIECES AND SHOVE THEM DOWN YOUR GODDAMN THROAT!!! MOTHERFUCK ME, JESUS!!!!!!

And if the seventh time you have that conversation, knowing full well there will be an eighth time, you'd still rather have that conversation again than imagine a world she's not in, you're in love.

Especially if you do fix that thermostat... again... the next day, and not just so she'll shut up about it, but because you really don't want her to be cold anymore.

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