[Serious] What is the most gruesome thing you've ever seen in person?

I was sitting in my house and heard the sound of tires screeching followed by a loud crash and then a smaller crash. I ran outside, along with all of the neighbors as well as all the people in the surrounding businesses.

My house was a block up from the main drag, so when I got to the driveway I could see the source of the first crash. A sedan had lost control, skipped the curb and hit a tree. It was on its side, the roof crushed in by the tree trunk, the engine and tail of the car wrapped around the tree like a soda can that’s been stepped on in the middle. There was a weird silence and the air sparkled a bit from the airbags deploying.

When I got to the street, the first thing I saw was a body on the near side of the median. He had been ejected from the car and was face down, missing his leg, and dead. The silence was broken by the sound of groaning on the far side of the median. My neighbor, an EMT, went to help the boy who was injured on the far side of the median. At this point I ran two blocks to the fire department, although I’m sure they heard the accident. When I returned I saw the the driver had been partially ejected from the car and was pinned between the car and the tree and still alive. The tried to extricate her in time, but were unable. I didn’t know at the time, but she was pregnant. What I couldn’t see was the little sister crushed in the back seat of the car.

A second car had also lost control. The mid twenties driver was sitting on the curb on the far side of the road head in hands, crying.

From what I remember, he had threatened the driver of the other car. She tried to get away by speeding down this very straight main road, eventually getting up to seventy something miles per hour. Bystanders thought they were drag racing. He tapped her car with his, she lost control which ended in the wreck that killed all but one in the car. Their parents were on vacation at the time that they lost their family.

It was such a terrible scene.

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