[Serious]What is the most horrifying thing to happen to you that you can't explain?

My first day of being a cop. I was hired, and sworn in, but I had to go to basic training still.

So, some random guy from the department drove me to a sporting good store to get some stuff I needed before leaving. Shoes etc.

The police car had a radio as one might expect. Radios often "scan" various channels in the immediate area, the fire department, and a state-wide alert channel.

Well, the state-wide alert channel did a broadcast of a carjacking.

I mused to myself: "I wonder where that is and who will deal with it."

Then it occurred to me that I might have to deal with it.

And then I realized I couldn't call anyone else, but I'm the one people call.

My chest suddenly felt like a python was slowly cinching down on it. Ginger ale was being poured into my brain.

I looked to my side to see what reaction my co-worker would be having.

Nothing. He was just chillin and listening to the music radio.

Me: "wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf..."

His internal monologue: "Tacos for lunch?"

I finally talked myself down from simmering anxiety attack, but...that sucked.

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