[Serious] What is the most painful thing you've ever experienced?

Mosh pit, Children of Bodom and Black Dahlia Murder. Black Dahlia starts "statutory ape" crowd goes nuts and starts to circle pit. I go down on my hand with my thumb parallel to my wrist, it breaks but i dont notice. Im 6 foot 5 220 lbs, little guy grabs me and hoists me off the floor, but hes too small to finish the maneuver. He lets go, i go down again, same thumb, same angle, i still dont notice. 5 times this guy tried and the crowd kept nailing me until someone else helped him. About 30 minutes later i go to adjust my pants, get my thumb in the belt loop and immediately start screaming. Its swollen and wont come loose, im drunk and begin to flail, this creates blinding agony in my hand. Screaming and trying to free my hand, i turn around and walk towards the bar where its calm. I slip on something, fall straight forward, somehow got my broken thumb loose and catch myself on the bar table, with the bad hand. All my weight on that break is too much and i whited out from pain, slammed my face into the table and passed out.

I broke my nose on the fall, the good news was i couldn't tell my hand hurt. I now deal with weekly to daily migraines because the cartilage was unable to settle right. So, went to a show, broke a part of my hand, broke my nose, now i get crippling migraines that leave me unable to get up pff the ground.

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