[Serious] What is the most unprofessional thing a medical professional has ever said to you?

I had a lump on my testicle that had to be sonogrammed when I was 19. Let's just say it was a cold room, and I was still young, laying down flat, so she asks me, "Do you ever have trouble finding your left testicle?" I told her no, and that it's perfectly obvious if I could stand up. For some reason she didn't seem to like that idea but after another fruitless minute or two she says, "OK, yeah, let's try that."

So I stand up, balls covered in that goopy jelly they use, pants around my ankles because she didn't want me to just take them off, holding that exam tissue paper with the hole in the middle for my junk to stick out of, then shuffle over around the table to her. She's sitting on a stool and looks down at my package hesitantly, then looks me in the eyes, back to my package...

Then back to looking me in the face, she smirks awkwardly, and says, "This is kind of weird."

I said, "Nah, I do this all the time."

Then she finished the exam with standing. Good news, just a benign hydrocele.

I think she was just young and used to imaging pregnant ladies all day so having some goopy balls thrust at her kind of caught her offguard.

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