[Serious]What is one thing about you that you wish people understood?

I work for a company that most people consider pretty shitty. But I have personally met the excutives and they are all awesome.

The problem is that the lower management refuses to behave in a reasonable manner, and the upper management has to CONSTANTLY punish them.

You would be surprised at how often executives have to punish low level managers for their behavior.

The problem is, the bad managers rub off on the good ones, or they drive them away. So the executives are constantly trying to get rid of the bad ones, but they cannot bring in or hold onto the good managers.

Im pretty sure the executives would fire 80% of the managers if they could. They even once had a mass firing of a third of the managers in the entire company.

People underestimate how much effort executives have to put in to weed out the bad lower management once its settled in.

Another company I worked for even had a full time department dedicated to investigating management for the executives. It was literally a full time job to keep up with the stuff the lower level managers would be doing to their employees.

Hardly a day would go by without catching somebody doing something illegal to an employee.

The executives of many companies really do try and be decent people. A lot of times they are simply overwhelmed by the constant corruption of their own lower management.

You would be astonished at how many corrupt lower managers get fired at large corporations.

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