[Serious] What really messed up thing did a teacher do to you?

She would make us give her 2 euros every month and according to her we would use it for school trips(only for the transport). We didnt go to that many trips and to the trips we went we didnt need much money. We were about 25-26 students for 5 years, school year here is from September to June so that makes 10 months. So 25x2=50 euros per month 50x8=400euros per school year 400x5=2000euros. THAT BITCH,THAT MANIPULATIVE FCKING BITCH TOOK FROM US AROUND 2000 EUROS. EVERYDAY I WISH THAT THAT BITCH NEVER SEES THE LIGHT OF DAY. The reason im still angry after 13 years have passed is because some students were poor and if we wouldn't give the 2 euros for one month we would have to give 4euros for the next month. Dont ask why our parents didnt say anything she would always lie, when we wouldn't go toa trip she would say that she used the money for white papers, the school gave her the white papers.I really hate that bitch.

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