[Serious] What is the scariest thing to happen to you when you’ve been home alone?

TL;dr: had a stalking ex bf throw eggs at my house at night to try to get me to exit my house. I exited my house, but I brought a knife.

This is late to the game, but in high school I had an abusive boyfriend who I, after many attempts, eventually was able to dump (after getting the police involved). Keep in mind that he was legally an adult and I was still only 16 at this point.

It was about a week after I dumped him and my parents are at our cottage. I stayed home because I had work. It was very late, and I had a friend over who was just about to leave, when we heard thumps against the huge glass window in my living room.

We both ducked to the ground and crawled up to the window to see. Eggs were splattered all across it. Immediately, I knew it was my asshole of an ex bf trying to piss me off, and it was obvious my parents weren't home (their cars were both gone). He had been stalking me that entire week at work, and I knew this was probably a ploy to get me to leave my house. I should have stayed inside, but I had so much pent up rage at being abused by him that I ran to the kitchen and grabbed a rather large knife. My friend was yelling at me telling me to stay inside, but I rushed out and just stood in my front lawn waiting.

My house is situated on land that is in like a grid system. To loop around the entire block of land and arrive back at my house on bike would be about 5 minutes - taking a short cut that cuts the grid block in half makes it only around 2. From the distance, I saw my ex boyfriend and his friend peddle quickly away from the streetlights on their bikes. I only could know it was them because I recognized my ex boyfriends jacket - their faces were hidden.

In that moment I had zero fear. My ex was violent, he had physically hurt me before, I had seen his weapons and I knew my kitchen knife would be nothing against all the hunting ones he had. I also knew though that he wouldn't expect me to fight back. I just stood in the front yard with my knife out and my friend yelling from inside.

They slowed the bikes momentarily and I guess saw me with a knife and decided not to do anything. They sped up and biked away, my ex making a damning tweet about their foiled plan later. The police didn't care about his tweets, but after my friend went home and I was entirely alone, I realised that I had used up all of my bravery for the night. I started sobbing and called 911 and just explained. They said that an egging wasn't a reason for police to come, but apparently a female officer heard about my plight and she parked her patrol car outside of my driveway that entire night so that I could get some sleep.

The ex continued to stalk me. I'm in my twenties now, the last time he somehow managed to contact me was last year. I've blocked all of his accounts imaginable but I know he's created ones that I don't know the same of. I try to keep my location private. It was awful when I lived in my old hometown, because he knew where I worked and would go there to find me and stand next to me because I couldn't leave (I was cashier). I live far away from him now and feel safer. I also feel a bit proud for 16 year old me. She had been through the ringer and still managed to be, well, dumb, but also brave. She didn't want to be abused anymore. I think that sparked the moment of me really reclaiming my identity. Would not reccomend for safety's sake though.

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