[Serious]What was a scary experience you had when you were on a vacation?

As a kid we went camping all over the state we lived in. One time we went near-ish to a city that had a museum we wanted to go to. Our parents told us that if it started raining then maybe we'd go.

It started raining.

Mom: "how about, if it starts to lightning and thunder we'll go"

It started to lightning and thunder

Me: "Alight, lightning and thunder. let's go!"

Mom: "It might pass soon"

Me: "or it could get worse"

Mom: "if it starts hailing, we will go"

By this time the rain is REALLY coming down, the lightning was getting closer, and it was crazy windy. We had gotten a shelter (literally a concrete slab with three wood walls and one wall that was nothing but it's frame and chicken wire, and the roof. It's not like we had much protection. More than a tent, but still). Rain was getting in and there were six of us in what was probably a 9x9 room with all of our camping gear as well. kind of cramped with nothing to do but worry about the weather.

It started to hail

Me: "Please don't say If there's a tornado, we'll go"

We ended up going to the museum and there were 2 tornadoes in the area that day. I'm sure we would have been fine, but still glad we got out of there when we did.

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