[Serious] What stories about WW2 did your grandparents tell you and/or what did you find out about their lives during that period?

Not my grandpa but my great grandpa told me a story about how he and 15 other dudes were doing a patrol in france. All of a sudden they heard airplanes and they thought it was an US plane so they didn't pay to much attention all and then they heard a loud whistle they looked up and saw 2 small bombs dropping around them so they ran into a small building. They heard talking and they knew it was German. So they got there guns ready and walked into the basement and saw 3 Nazis at a table out of the pure pressure they shot them... Turns the fuck out they were in Germany and didn't know and those plans were US and they were doing a bombing run. My great grandpa and his squad was just walking around Germany thinking they were in france. Fucking crazy.

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