[Serious] What stories about WW2 did your grandparents tell you and/or what did you find out about their lives during that period?

Such a small story and not regarding conflict...but during the war my grandad was at school about 10 years old. This was the period of rationing. Food was scarce, people had to make do and mend, people weren’t stupid or wasteful because there wasn’t a lot to go around, The government even bought scrap metal from people to help the war effort.

This particular story stuck with me just as a comparison to what life is like today and this is all it is....

He said that if he was eating an Apple at school, his friends and other kids would ask....”hey can you save me the core mate?!”

Literally they wanted and were excited of the prospect of having the core of a ‘finished’ apple. Contrast that to nowadays where we can’t get kids to eat fruit and they have an abundance of food/sweets and junk.

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